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Youth Snowmobile Safety Training is on Dec 5, 2020 from 8-12 at North Branch Area High School in the commons, with the driving part in the parking lot with or without snow.

Youth ages from 11-15 will be required to take an online training course at

There is a fee for this course.

This online class is an introductory class designed primarily for the snowmobile rider with little or no experience in snowmobile operation. Students obtain and study the safety information on the interactive online course at their own pace in the comfort of their own home under the guidance of a parent or guardian. Depending on the youth's age and experience, the online course should take 2-4 hours. Once they complete the online course, students print out a "youth follow-up voucher" and register for a one day safety class in their area.

To register for the One Day Safety Class, go to:

Add the class to your cart and checkout.

This class will be led by the North Branch SnoDrifters and includes review of safety information and a performance driving test. A $5 fee is paid in advance to reserve your spot for this class with Community Education, this covers fees that incur to conduct the class. Each student will also need to pay an on-line DNR fee of $5 upon completion of the class.

Please note: You will not be allowed to participate in the classroom review/performance test unless you have completed the Online Snowmobile Safety Course and present your Youth follow-up voucher. 

Things to bring for class room training:

1. Winter gear for the outdoor portion of the training.

2. Youth follow-up voucher.

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